Announcing the newest Bombshell…..

This past month I had my debut performance as a full-fledged member and resident aerialist of the prestigious burlesque troupe, The Atomic Bombshells.  It was a pleasure and a joy working with the cast, composed of highly talented seasoned veterans of the stage, led by Lou Henry Hoover and Kitten LaRue.  We played to 6 sold out shows (out of 8) and sparkly delight was had by all.


From Seattle Dances “Standouts of the solo acts included the luscious Tova De Luna, the newest member of the troupe, as a high-flying petit oiseau. Miss De Luna pranced delicately in silver pointe shoes before taking to the air on a metal hoop. Spinning with mesmerizing grace in contortion-like poses, she made disrobing while hanging ten feet above the ground look completely natural.”

Review here.

Please welcome “le petit oiseau” Miss Tova de Luna……

with superfan and photograper Alisha McGraw


With Jamie Von Stratton and Faggedy Randy