New Project

This summer I am leading a group composed of some of Seattle’s finest aerial artists into the woods at Smoke Farm in Arlington, WA. to perform on an original installation at the annual Lo Fi Arts Festival Sept. 6-7, 2014.  Through an application process, we were selected along with 39 other visual/performing artists from around the Seattle region to participate in this year’s festival.  I have participated in the festival 2008 (with the Aerialistas) and 2013 where lighting artist Yuri Kinoshita and I received a 4 Culture grant to create “Tangyo”, a giant illuminated globe that supports aerial performance.  It is a one of a kind chance to present work within the natural setting specifically for that site, surrounded by a unique arts community and those who appreciate our work.  The illustrious team for my project, “Downriver Hymns”, is composed of:

Adrienne Jack-Sands, Oliver Parkinson, Lara Paxton, Sara Sparrow, Jill Marissa, and Kari J. Hunter.

Our multi-genre installation this year stems from the idea of creating “Human Windchimes”; using an aerial apparatus (suspended dance pole) to not only support performance physical but also musical in nature.  The apparatus will be cut to length as per a specific mathematical formula to create tones on the seven note musical scale.

L0/(1.25)1/2 = 26.8 cm., where 1.25 represents the number used to calculate the next note on a major third scale.  More info and chart here.


We would also like to perform this at night, and have the poles or pole remnants hung nearby and retrofitted to act as luminaries.  This involves us outfitting pipe lengths with special LEDs and drilling holes in the pipe to let the light through, as depicted in this picture:

IMG_0246 night tree

For this project, we are combining aerial, dance, vocal harmonies, instrumentation, and special lighting effects into one seamless performance.  There are many factors at work and in order to bring all these elements together, we will be taking part in the first annual artist’s residency at the farm, June 23-29.  This was created for groups and individuals to workshop their piece onsite so that by September their piece is well informed.  In order to have my materials needed by the workshop, I decided to launch my first ever fundraiser since it is a quicker turnaround than the arts grants application process.  If you have enjoyed my work in the past or those of the artists above, please consider making a donation to this work in progress.

Thank you from Tanya and the team!