So this happened…..




A crowd of about 12,000 attended USC Production’s Lucky 2013 at WaMu Theater over the weekend of March 15, the likes of whom I had the pleasure of performing for on this stage with Super Geek League.  Along with the l.e.d. unicorns, stilt dancers, gogos, and leprechans, me and the spiral got to fly over this audience alongside an aerial rocketship.  This is a picture of the actual crowd that held strong from about 8pm-3:30am while djs from around the world spun beats into the wee hours.  This was a pivotal night to me on different levels.  It was quite the pleasure working with all the djs and riggers, as well as my first experience with SGL who managed the entertainment.   I can definitely say that my circus family has just expanded to include some pretty awesome people.  It takes a family to pull this stuff off!



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