The Cliff Notes:

-A structural beam rated at min. 1200lbs static load.  Beams should be at least 4×12″ thick and ideally have space at the top for rigging material to choke over.  Rigging fee may apply.

-Rigging height min. 16′ for vertical acts, less for trapeze and hoop. Min. height 18′ for spiral.  Rigging area should be free from impeding objects (ceiling fans, lighting, decor, etc.)

-Floor clearance under aerial apparatus min. 10′ x 10′. Min. stage dimensions 10′ x 15′ for acro duet.

-Venue subject to inspection by artist to determine feasibility and safety. Installation of rigging as well as outdoor rig rental can be arranged for additional costs.

-Private area for changing/stretching.

All the details here: Aerial rigging and tech sheet