The Magic

Ok, so some of you have been asking me lately what it is I am Doing with a big D, which always throws me for a loop because most days I feel I’m just getting by, living on a prayer, floating towards The Great Something that I don’t even know yet.   I have good days and bad days like anyone, but yes, I feel like things are good right now.  They haven’t always been, which makes me thankful for Right Now.   At some point a couple of years ago I had to jump off that big cliff of stability but slow death and launch myself into the great cosmic whatever.  It’s just now starting to gel, which is freakin’ ridiculous.  If you’ve already got this figured out, awesome.   You are probably someone I respect a lot and try to learn from.  Let’s kick it, I wanna pick your brain.  If you don’t, I probably still love you for one of your other beautiful odd traits.


If I can be all smugly for a brief moment, these are some of the conclusions I have come to (mostly by royally effing something up at one point in time), but by no means a conclusive list.  I welcome any other additions to this list provided they reflect your highest good (all ego based or negative responses will be deleted).  Yeah I realize I might wake up tomorrow and be like, “oh man that was so cheesy”, but I feel like some of you want and need to hear this right now and I can help, (and the fact that I hate writing blog posts and totally feel like doing it right in this very moment) so here goes before I get distracted by organizing my sock drawer, or  watching RuPaul (which I will do directly following this-go Jinkx!).


How To Succeed in Life Working For Yourself Being a Decent Human Being Without Really Trying*

  • Be passionate about what you do – it’s contagious.
  • Be competent about what you do – always look for opportunities to learn and be inspired more, which leads to….
  • Be hungry – don’t rest on your laurels, continue to grow and expand, think outside the box, continue to perfect and clarify your craft; push boundaries.
  • Be generous – what you give will come back to you, without expecting a return.  You are where you are because at some point somebody was generous with you.  Which leads to…
  • Own your situation- you are where you are because of the choices you’ve made and the lessons you still need to learn.  Don’t be a victim.  Accept and move on.  Chalk it up to learning and get on with life.  Don’t stew.  Forgive.
  • Be positive – be pleasant to work with, bring something to the table, contribute, bring the vibe up, not down.  Be fun.  We all have off days.  If you can’t be positive, stay home and work it out with yourself or simply just listen and absorb what others have to give, but don’t be the bad apple that brings everyone down.  If you need help, seek it.
  • Be professional – answer emails, calls, texts, etc. in a timely manner.  This is being respectful of another’s time. In turn, they will respect your time.  Know how to be a team player.   Realize the larger goal rather than your own immediate desires.  Fake it ‘til you make it.  Know how to compartmentalize.  Being on the job is no time to work out your personal issues.
  • Curate your people – surround yourself with a good network and truly care about them.  Don’t let negativity into your circle.  Set boundaries so that you don’t get poisoned.  When you experience negativity, realize it’s them, not you.  Let it roll off or remove yourself from a situation.
  • Diversify – it makes you valuable, flexible, and more interesting.  Great for warding off boredom and those pesky ruts!
  • Be bold – put yourself out there.  Take risks even if they scare you.  Especially if they scare you.
  • Be communicative – ask for what you need.  You just might get it.  Give constructive feedback; everyone appreciates that.
  • Be selfish – check in from time to time; take care of yourself so that you can be more balanced for your own well being as well as for others in your life.  If you are worn out, it’s hard to really contribute.
  • Be genuine – only say what you mean and mean what you say.  Pretending to like something will not lead you to your path or your people, and hey, people can tell.
  • Be respectful of those who went before you.  You are one piece in a chain.  Learn from them.
  • You win some, you lose some.  That’s the jam.
  • Be humble, be thankful – opinions are like you know what, we’ve all got one.  Appreciating others does not detract from You.  Everything can change in an instant.  Life is fragile.  You are blessed.


*Ok, you might have to try a little 🙂