Seattle- based aerialist, dancer, burlesque artist and variety performer, visionary



“De Luna performed impressive feats of strength and agility, all the while posing angelically.” – Tess Hansen, Seattle Dances, December 27, 2016

“…..it’s always refreshing to see Tova da Luna do her aerial work.” – Omar Wiley, The Seattle Star, December 15, 2016

“She moved so powerfully and precisely, it was as if she were a single muscle.” – Rich Smith, The Stranger, January 2016

“Spinning with mesmerizing grace in contortion-like poses, she made disrobing while hanging ten feet above the ground look completely natural. The Bombshells have found a delightful new talent in her elegant act.”  – Seattle Dances, Feb. 2014

 “…..a crowd wild with intoxication and breathless from the torchlight procession hushed itself in delighted bewilderment.”  – City Arts Online, Aug. 2013 in reference to “Tangyo” at Smoke Farm Lo Fi Arts Festival 2013

“Tanya Brno is the best in the city.  She blew me away at the party.”   – Anna Banana, proprietress at Pretty Parlor, for City Arts, Dec. 2012