Seattle- based aerialist, dancer, burlesque artist and variety performer, visionary



“She moved so powerfully and precisely, it was as if she were a single muscle.” – Rich Smith, The Stranger, January 2016

“Spinning with mesmerizing grace in contortion-like poses, she made disrobing while hanging ten feet above the ground look completely natural. The Bombshells have found a delightful new talent in her elegant act.”  – Seattle Dances, Feb. 2014

“Tanya Brno is the best in the city.  She blew me away at the party.”   – Anna Banana, proprietress at Pretty Parlor, for City Arts, Dec. 2013

 “…..a crowd wild with intoxication and breathless from the torchlight procession hushed itself in delighted bewilderment.”  – City Arts Online, Aug. 2013 in reference to “Tangyo” at Smoke Farm Lo Fi Arts Festival 2013